Independent Software Testing Company

Agile Test Framework

Proprietary Agile test Framework is designed to meet the needs of customer, description of the Framework is as below :

The Testing team’s efforts would focus on performing any tool or process improvements and reviewing, understanding, and contributing to the nascent specifications.

While the Engineering/Development team is implementing the code, Testers would develop complete Testing Plan and Test Sets (set of test cases) for each of the feature included in the Sprint/Iteration. Engineering features must be included; they would likely require some level of collaboration with the engineering feature developer. All Test Sets should be ready to execute by the end of implementation period of the respective cycle. During the Test Set preparation, calculate the time estimation and prioritization for the Test Set execution based on the complexity and expected execution time for each test suite.

Test Set execution, raising defects and follow up with the Engineering Team. End-to-end validation of the defects. Focus simultaneously on improving the quality of test cases. Watching out for and adding new cases with Exploratory testing. Metrics of burn-down/up charts and quality of testing and application is tracked.